Whats goin on

Just back in Ireland after our tour on Australia and New York with RIOT and THISISPOPBABY… and yes it went well and yes we will be going back to New York! whoop whoop
After a pretty mental 2017 (we made two shows, ABSOLUTE LEGENDS (all ages show) & RELEASE THE FREAK (bar open party show) - you gotta see both these shows and check out our dates page for when you can! Now with two new shows made we are ready for touring, we have lots of Irish dates coming up and more touring with RIOT… we are going to Toronto for 3 weeks in June… YES
Lots of exciting projects in construction and hopefully we'll do a big announcement soon!
This week Paddy's day we will do our biggest gig to date, we are playing the 3Arena for comic relief.. I know our biggest gig to date and all the money goes to charity… we are givers!
Hope to see some of you in a venue/bar/street corner soon!