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Seantastic | Friday, 12 August 2016

9 days and 20 shows into Edinburgh Fringe. I was kinda petrified coming here. Its been a really busy year and apart from making the show I didn't feel like I had prepared for the onslaught. Physical exhaustion, mental exhaustion and the constant pressure of "success".
But this year I am having a good time... I'm actually enjoying myself and thinking I wouldn't want to miss it next year....

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Famous Seamus | Thursday, 28 July 2016

Creating work and finding an audience that wants to see that work is a conundrum that any artist faces. How to convince the Edinburgh public that “Frank the Sh*t Eater” dressed in a bin bag, covered in said preferred cuisine, could possibly be the funniest thing they see all festival. When Lords of Strut first began in 2009 doing our special blend of street theatre, it was accessible to all...

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Seantastic | Friday, 27 February 2015

Being injured - Canceling shows... fuck!

Everything slows down, you only have one focus, all your worries become background noise to the main event. Do I cancel? Ow my fucking neck!
No one ever wants to cancel a show. Not even thinking of the financial gain or loss. To go from a sign outside the venue saying "SOLD OUT" to one saying "CANCELED". Why, what. how? Those questions don'...

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Seantastic | Sunday, 30 November 2014

Two weeks in Kosovo... what the hell am I doing here?

I'm in Kosovo, I'm on tour with Clowns Without Boarders Ireland. I get to bounce around Kosovo doing shows for mostly very grateful people. I'm voluntering, its three weeks including a week making the show in Ireland. That was a laugh, making a show in a week with three people who haven't worked together before. Luckily the show is...

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Seantastic | Thursday, 30 October 2014

What is the thing with the Mustache?

So you put on a mustache... it might take you a while, others just a couple of days but at some point people recognise it as a mustache and they sure do let you know. If I grew a second head I think I would get less attention. Maybe people would say "nice second head Cian, can it talk yet?" But if you have a mustache people want to know why? Well the...

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Seantastic | Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Edinburgh... is being here good enough?
Its a frustrating mess... there are 3000 shows here and most of them are worth a look. Ten percent are going to be amazing... thats still 300 shows... Taking into account that I'm doing, including our own show about 20 shows a week, trying to eat well, trying to see friends, unwinding after doing so many shows/partying and you need to sleep more...

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Seantastic | Monday, 07 July 2014

When just mothers and toddlers turn up at a gig you know something is wrong, maybe it was because we were doing a gig in a cupboard in a shopping center?
We were shown our disused shop with its floresent lighting in a dark corner of a shopping center, it was a beautiful day in a town with places out doors to perform... They had hung some material on the walls and the woman who was...

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Seantastic | Monday, 30 June 2014

THis is not a blog, just a test, seeing how the page is working , of if the page is working, or if it can do what I want it to do? Well? Can it?

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Seantastic | Friday, 31 January 2014

Getting your stuff Nicked?

First you look around "I'm sure I left this here" then you see something else missing... then you see a bag open that wasn't open. "Shit we've been robbed" you look around for another while hoping that what you know is wrong, you are not wrong, you have been robbed!

Our venue had been broken into, anywhere can be broken into at any time if people are...

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Famous Seamus | Tuesday, 24 September 2013

I love music, you love music, everyone loves music. Music feeds the soul, dance expresses our essence.

Let's get back to basics here. Ipods have personalised music. Nightclubs have commercialised dance. That is why we turn up our mobile sound system and make sure our parties are always about the dancing. It all started last Autumn when we were rolling round Dublin town playing some all...

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